When choosing your bathroom lighting it is important that you take great care as there are lots of regulations that need to be followed to keep you and your family safe.

In addition, we recommend that you choose bathroom lighting which is going to provide you with good visibility and help brighten up your bathroom.

There are Four different ‘zones’ in a bathroom.

Zone 0 – this is inside the bath or shower itself and any light fitting used in this area should be at least IP67 which is considered to be totally immersion proof.

Zone 1 – is the area above the bath or shower to a height of 2.25m and any fitting used in this zone should be a minimum of IP45, however, we would recommend IP65 as good practice.

Zone 2 – is an area of 0.6m from the bath or shower and to a height of 2.25m from the floor. For this zone, only fittings with IP44 and above should be used. This zone also applies around wash basins.

Outside Zones ( Zone 3) – this is anywhere outside of zones 0,1 and 2 and therefore there are no IP ratings required. However, we would recommend a minimum of IP20 light fittings to be used in this zone.

Please Note: The information provided on this page is only a guideline and is not an installation guide. If you are unsure on any of these Zones/Ratings consult a Qualified electrician about the latest regulations.

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